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Focused Heeling with Michael Ellis DVD



This is our third in the Michael Ellis series of training DVDs. We feel it's the best one yet. The training information in this video is revolutionary in the world of dog training.

The old "yank and crank" methods of training heeling have gone by the wayside. The fact is a good portion of the training in this DVD can be done without a leash and without corrections. In fact introducing corrections are the very last step in focused heeling.

The first part of this series is The Power of Training Dogs with Food. The second part of this series is The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog.

We feel that the work in this DVD is revolutionary. I started going to competitive training seminars in 1974 and have never stopped. I have never been exposed to concepts that even come close to the work in this DVD.

Training dogs to give to pressure is revolutionary in the field of dog training. It teaches young dogs how to live with stress. The concept of "learning how to give to pressure" has been around for years in horse training, no one has introduced it into the world of dog training like Michael Ellis.

DVD Outline
The Need for Engagement
Muscle Memory Heeling - 58 Minute Chapter
Leash Pressure - 61 Minute Chapter
Sustained Focus - 31 Minute Chapter
When to use Food vs a Toy Reward for Heeling
Training Turns while Heeling
Training the Finish
Find the Left Leg
Adding Distractions