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About Us

Dog Obedience Store provides visitors with a variety of information on obedience training dogs. You may stumble across hundreds upon thousands of websites teaching you how to train your dog but choosing which method is the best may be a difficult choice. At Dog Obedience Store, our information comes from Ed Frawley, a professional dog trainer with over 45 years of professional experience. He is the owner of Leerburg, a dog training website with over 16,000 pages of information. Leerburg is also home to over 2600 questions and answers that you yourself may have wondered. The website also hosts over 470 videos at Leerburg Video on Demand.

About Ed Frawley

You may stumble across more than a couple dozen dog training webpages but may wonder, "Who is the person behind this site?" Wouldn't you like to know who's the person in charge of getting you your products or what kind of experience this person has before giving you advice? You don't use an unauthored article for research. There's no credibility in that. So why would you follow the advice of an article with no author?

Ed Frawley passionately began training dogs ever since he was 16 years old. He started Leerbug Video and Kennel in the 80's and has produced up to 120 quality dog training DVDs since. The company is now called Leerburg Enterprises and know longer breeds dogs but still produces high quality videos for devoted dog trainers.

Ed Frawley has has trained dogs to work in the law enforcement, search and rescue, personal protection, as well as the sport of Schutzhund. Leerburg was one of the top breeding facilities for German-line German Shepherds.

With information attained from his experience, Ed Frawley has offered information and advice on various issues. Ed Frawley only provides the best, top-quality products for his customers.